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Unlockthecity - Toronto | Proud Citizen | June 16th, 2019


Unlockthecity - Toronto | Proud Citizen | June 16th, 2019

$150.00 per group
There's a lot of patio lounging going on this month. Round up a few friends and encourage them to explore the city.

EVENT DATE | June 16th, 2019

EVENT NAME | The Proud Citizen - Toronto

START TIME | 11:00am

END TIME | 4:30pm

START LOCATION | Severn Creek Park

END LOCATION | TBA (on game day)

TEAM FORMAT | One Group = 3 players

Join us on June 16th, 2019 for an exclusive opportunity to explore the city through an active game structure lens. The afternoon includes a 4-hour experiential game, refreshments and snacks.

Teams navigate the city and collect points for a chance to win amazing prizes. The winning teams get to the finish location with the most points in the least time.
Teams must use strategy, teamwork and problem-solving to unlock the secrets of the city while challenging assumptions. Space is limited. Add to cart Now!


**Prizes subject to change to items of similar value. Proceeds from the game benefit the Toronto youth SPACE Program - designed to create community leaders and entrepreneurs. **

Unlockthecity | Proud Citizen | Toronto

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